Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 74 - Eating out

I guess you can say I failed the eating out test (if there is one). Today when Clyde picked me up from work, he said he wanted to go out to eat. Well, since Applebee's has the Weight Watcher's menu, and since we thought that kids eat free, we decided to go there. I can't remember the last time we went out to eat. I think it was back in May/June when we got our stimulus check. We just don't have the money, and even if we did I still don't think it's worth it. But since we made a lot of money on eBay this weekend, and since I guess Clyde was feeling generous, I agreed.

Well, we got there and nothing on the WW menu looked good to me. I'd already tried a couple of the entrees in the past, and I didn't like them, so I decided to go with something I'd been wanting. So, I ordered a riblet basket (hey, I used to get the whole platter). The fries were good, but the riblets tasted terrible so I didn't eat them all. But I wasn't mad about it, because this is a treat, right? It's not like I eat like this all the time, or even have the opportunity to. What was a splurge was the dessert I shared with Clyde. But it was GOOD!

I'm going to to see if I can figure out how bad I did. I had 22 points left for the day, and I just did 53 minutes on the elliptical, so I probably won't have to dip too far into my WAP's. Oh, and after dinner I WALKED to Wal-mart and had Clyde meet me over there. It was such a pleasant evening weather-wise. But like I said, I'm not mad or upset. It was a treat, and this is a lifestyle. I promised myself in the beginning that I wouldn't be deprived, because the minute I feel deprived I know I won't be able to stick with it. Deprivation = diet, and I'm NOT on a DIET!


  1. I guess it was sort of a good thing you didn't eat it all. I've tried their Weight Watcher's meals... for me they were only a step up from eating Smart One or Lean Cuisine Frozen meals... lol.

    Desserts I find are usually a lot of points when we go out... so what I try to do is look at the restaurants website before we go and figure out what I want then plan a quick dessert at home instead of the restaurant so I have more control over it... this plan works most of the time...

  2. Hollie, don't feel bad about not eating off of the WW menu. I recently saw on the news that Applebee's is being investigated for their nutritional content not adding up to what you are actually served! They said the points are way off.

    And look at you, walking to Walmart! You go head on! Your attitude screams nothing but SUCCESS! Keep up the great job!

  3. Hollie I am proud of your attitude about dinner. If I really want something I have it once in a while.

    The big difference is that now I have that one meal and then I am right back to eating right, it used to send me into a week long binge now I just start right back to eating op and with a smile on my face :-)

  4. Good for you Hollie for going out, enjoying and not feeling guilty. Sounds like you worked some of it off anyway. It sounded like a success to me. I think that's been the biggest thing for me just enjoying and not feeling guilty over anything. It keeps you from eating off plan longer I think.

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