Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 71 - Weigh In!

I weighed in at 306.6 this morning! Woo HOO! That's a 2.4 lb. loss from last week. I actually made it through Halloween weekend without a gain, which is HUGE for me. My children actually did not go Trick-or-treating, so there was no tempting candy at my house at all. My 11 yr old said she was too old, my 8 yr old son just didn't want to go, and my 2 year old freaked out when she realized she actually had to WEAR her costume. So instead I ordered pizza and rented movies. It was a good deal!

I also EXERCISED this weekend. I did 46 minutes on the elliptical on Saturday and 55 minutes on the elliptical yesterday. I downloaded some new music on my IPOD and it really motivated me to get moving. Both days I got on the elliptical with a 20 minute goal, and just kept going until I was either tired or ran out of water. I was in a zone. And both days I felt so good afterward. I think I'm going to go back to exercising in the evening, because I slept like a ROCK this weekend after working out and getting a good shower.


  1. Way to go on 306. I'm so impressed with all your time on the elliptical too. Keep up the great work.

    In your other post I so know what you mean about feeling on top of the world fitting into a size 18. For people that haven't been really large all their lives they just don't have a clue.

    Loved the pictures, goodness those heels though, I would have been down in the ground lol. I can't hardly walk in flats half the time lol.

  2. Hollie girl, you are so close to 300! Just keep on pushing forward and you'll be there in no time! I am so proud of you!

    Isn't it amazing how much better we feel when we exercise? It's a shame that little devil has to sit on our shoulder and discourage us so darn much! lol

    Keep up the great job!

  3. Being out of the 300s is a great feeling and you are doing so good!!
    Keep up the great work.

    Sandy (HYC)

  4. You're a inch away from being in the 200's! You're doing so great. I'm proud of you.


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