Monday, September 29, 2008

Day 36 - WI Day!

Ok...lot's to talk about! Sorry I didn't check in yesterday, but I had a good excuse!

First things was WI and I was down 4.8 lbs! Woo Hoo! So, I lost the slight gain from last week, and it took some friends with it! I'm officially down 17.4 lbs, and I'm so happy about that. My pants are feeling loose, my mood and energy level have improved.

I think I can definitely attribute some of my loss to the exercise I've done this week. I had three mornings on the elliptical, and I walked on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. Yesterday was great! I loaded up two of my children and my nephew, and we set out to the park in Lebanon to walk. There's a great nature trail, and the two 11 year olds love to go walking on it. When I walk at the park, I usually just stick to the track, which one lap around is 1 mile. If you go through the nature trail, it's two miles. Since I've worked up my activity level, I knew I could make it for two miles, so off we go!

The end of the nature trail ends at a train depot, and normally you just turn around and head back to the park. But the kids wanted to check out the train depot, so we walked down to it. I felt tired, but like I could still go some more, so I suggested that we go down another street (off the trail) into a residential neighborhood, and go on an "adventure". An "adventure" it was. We ended up walking to a main street in the town (with no sidewalks), then having to cross over a busy intersection to get back to a shortcut that would put us back on the trail. But we made it, and it was so much fun! By the time we got back to the park, we had been walking for 65 minutes. I felt like passing out, but I felt such a sense of accomplishment!

I exercised 5 days this week, and it was not a chore at all. Like I said before, I usually DREAD exercise, and at my weight, it's tough. But I'm TRYING, and so far succeeding at it. Along with eating right, exercise is making me the healthy woman I long to be.


  1. Congratulations !!!

    For myself, i do not know what I am loving more- losing weight or the walks outside with my son. It is such a precious time as well as such a healthy lifestyle move !



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