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Monday, August 22, 2016

Health Bet... Get PAID to get HEALTHY

Happy Monday everyone!
The past several weeks have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! I wrapped up my summer job and went straight into pre-planning days for the new school year. First day of school with students was August 15. If you follow me on social media you know I have a new job and school assignment this year. I LOVE it! It’s a completely new type of position for me. Instead of being a classroom teacher I’m a support facilitator. I work out of an office instead of a classroom now. I do get to bounce in and out of 4-7 different classrooms all day where I help students be successful in the general education environment. It’s such a refreshing change of pace!
And best of all its SUPER stress-free. Which is good because I’ve been very busy with my new passion… My coaching business!
Honestly, when I first posted here about venturing out into the coaching world I was a little nervous! I didn’t think it would take off like it did. But WOW. I’ve literally jumped into this thing with both feet and I’m so. Freaking. Happy.
I’m getting to do what I’m passionate about DAILY. And I’m getting paid for it! This has already been one of the most amazing things I’ve done in a long time. This is what I’ve WANTED to do for so long and FEAR has held me back. Fear of judgement. Fear of failure. Fear of not being perfect. Fear of stepping out of my comfort zone. But so far, everything has been better than I’ve imagined. I get to help people change their lives for the better. I get to TEACH people all the knowledge I’ve absorbed about food and nutrition. And at the same time I’ve been held accountable MYSELF because there is no way I can encourage others to do something I’m not doing myself. I’ve got to WALK THE WALK to show others it can be done! It’s been so good for my soul.
I currently have clients that I coach who are following a low carb/ketogenic lifestyle and need help and accountability. I have clients who only want my meal planning. And I have clients who are interested in Beachbody and who are getting ready to join my upcoming challenge group.
Since I have a lot of emails and questions about this group, I thought I would provide some information here for any of my blog friends who want to join in!
My very first challenge group for Beachbody will be a 30-day challenge that will go from September 4 – October 2. I will be doing Country Heat (more on this later), but challengers are doing everything from CIZE to Country Heat to 22 min Hard Corps. There are SEVERAL challenge packs on sale right now, so people basically get to pick the workout that suits them best.
The best thing about this challenge group is that its happening at the same time Beachbody is having its Health Bet! The Health Bet is where participants actually get PAID to build healthy habits and exercise! No scales, no measurements… none of that. The Beachbody Health Bet pool has grown to more than $1.25 Million! But there is still time to get it up to $3 Million because Beachbody is adding $5 for every Challenge Pack sold until August 31st to the pool.

Here's how it works:
1.    Participate in a challenge group on the My Challenge Tracker App from September 5th thru October 2nd, 2016
2.    Meet the minimum in-App weekly tracking requirements (and get great results in the process!)
o    Log a minimum of 3 workouts.
o    Log a minimum of 5 Shakeology's, plus post a photo of your Shakeology with your tracked activity.
3.    Win and share equally in the final cash pot
Easy peasy. And a great incentive to get CONSISTENCY with workouts and nutrition. I know that’s always my number one issue in this journey.

Oh, I’ve been doing great with that by the way! I’ve been 100% ketogenic since August 1… NO CHEATS AT ALL! I started Shakeology on August 12 and I’m loving the results I’m already getting. My constipation stomach troubles were the first to go. But I’ve also noticed in this short time that my hair isn’t shedding anymore! Like, none!!!!
And my energy is crazy. Yes, some of that is attributed to my diet being cleaned up and my main fuel source coming from ketones. But I do think the Shakeology helps, too. It’s DENSE nutrition. My body is getting everything it needs and I feel the positive effects. I love it!
If you have any questions about coaching or my challenge or about Shakeology please email me at Or if you just want to email me and be my friend that’s okay, too!


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