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Friday, June 10, 2016

What I eat on the Ketogenic diet

If I'm asked anything more than what is and how to get started on the Ketogenic diet, it's,

"What do you eat?"

Well... let me start from the beginning.

I think when anyone goes low carb, they begin by eating a lot of eggs. And bacon. And cheese. These three things were staples when I first started. If all else failed, bacon and eggs for the win.

Eggs are so versatile. You can boil, fry, scramble, make them into an omelette. But soon, I got sick of eggs. Now I eat them on occasion.

I eat all meats. I don't particularly care for beef, but since going keto I have started to enjoy a burgers without the bun. I have also discovered that chicken drumsticks and thighs WITH the skin are yummy when baked or fried and the skin is crispy. And I eat LOTS of chicken wings. Chicken wings drenched in ranch or blue cheese are my a favorite. And now I can eat this with NO GUILT AT ALL. It's part of my plan!

I have never been a HUGE veggie eater, but keto has actually introduced me to some veggies I'd never had before. Like Brussels sprouts. I eat LOTS of cauliflower because it's WAY more versatile than I'd ever imagined (think twice baked cauliflower, mashed cauliflower, roasted cauliflower, cauliflower breadsticks or pizza crust). I love roasted broccoli. I still eat salads on occasion, only with delicious FULL FAT dressing (blue cheese and ranch... the real stuff in the salad section... only has 1 carb per serving most times).

The only dairy I really eat is cheese and sour cream and heavy cream. Milk is high in carbs, and I don't drink milk anyway (gross). Some people on keto like cottage cheese. I was going to try it, although I've always thought it LOOKED to disgusting to eat. But when I checked the label it looked high in carbs so I gleefully skipped it. Someone I follow on Instagram says the Daisy brand is lowest in carbs, though.

Ok, lets talk about FAT. Ketogenic is high in dietary fat. If you're not willing to increase your fat, this is not the diet for you. But hear me out... fat is satisfying. It keeps you full, and it makes you happy while you are eliminating carbs. I use lots of coconut oil. Lots. I fry my foods in it. I also put it in my coffee (more on that shortly). If you don't like the taste of coconuts, get the refined kind. It's tasteless. I use both. I also use TONS of butter. REAL butter, not margarine.

If you are still using margarine... please stop. It's a chemical shit storm. It's fake and full of harmful fats. Just pay a little extra for the real stuff.

Once you add in cheese, leave the skin on your chicken, and add a few eggs here an there, getting a high percentage of good fat isn't hard. If you like avocados, eat those, too. (I do not like them). Don't be afraid. Your body will respond well to fat if you're cutting the carbs.

The most important part of the ketogenic way of eating, besides high fat and very low carbs, is to EAT. REAL. FOOD.

Skip the Quest bars and protein shakes. Skip the Adkins crap with all the sugar alcohols. If it's labeled, "low-carb" just skip it. Some people still love to eat this stuff, and can lose weight while doing so. But it's not all that good for you. And aren't we doing this for overall health, not just weight loss? Yes, I still have sugar free pancake syrup and some sugar-free coffee syrup on occasion. And Coke Zero is still my favorite. But I've cut WAY down on this stuff.

Eat real food.

I also want to add that eating out on keto is super easy. Only ONCE in six months have I ever NOT been able to find something to eat at a restaurant. And that is when we went to a Caribbean restaurant on Valentine's Day and they refused to make me anything without rice or plantains. I sipped a diet soda and refused to go off my plan!

Usually when eating out I'll have wings or a burger with no bun, add bacon and cheese! Lots of fast food chains offer lettuce wrapped burgers, or burgers in a bowl. Salads are a good option without all that extra stuff. Cobb salads or ceasar salads are usually compliant. The important thing when eating out is to ASK for what you want. Restaurants usually are very accommodating. They will happily bring you a side salad instead of fries.

But be always mindful that sugar is hidden in EVERYTHING. Since being keto, I've found hidden sugar in so many products, even those labeled with zero carbs! For example, the heavy whipped cream in the can. I was enjoying this on sugar-free jello in the beginning (I've since ditched the SF Jell-0 because the sweetener in it triggers cravings). It said zero carbs on the can, but the second ingredient was sugar! WTH? Um, no. So, my advice is to look at the ingredients, not just the nutrition label.

It is also my advice to you to count TOTAL carbs for everything except for vegetables. For vegetables, net carbs (total carbs minus fiber) is okay. People in my keto group mostly agree that they lose better when following this rule of thumb. See, there really isn't a 'real' thing as net carbs. In my opinion, the manufacturers made that crap up to market stuff 'low-carb'. But again, every one is different. Some can subtract fiber and sugar alcohols and still lose weight counting net carbs. My body doesn't.

Things to avoid:
All grains.
All fruit.
All legumes.
All starchy vegetables.
All sugar.

Some people on the ketogenic diet do eat berries. I have had strawberries on occasion and been ok. But fruit is frowned upon for the most part.

I'm gonna wrap this post up with another disclaimer... I'm not a keto expert. My knowledge comes from being on this way of eating for almost 6 months. I've researched. I've used trial and error. I've Googled. Spent hours on Pinterest looking for recipes. My purpose for providing this information is to help spread the word. This diet just might be what someone needs to FINALLY get off the diet roller-coaster. This is a way of eating... something that does not have an end date for me. I've found a food template that I can do for the rest of my life and be happy. I hope this will be that for you, too.

If you think you want a full-fledged keto coach, please visit and check out the monthly coaching programs. I've followed Brian, Mary, and Katrina from the beginning. They know what they are doing. 

(and for the blog trolls that talk shit about me on GOMI, I have not been paid or asked to endorse this service)


  1. I'm super impressed with your weight loss! I've been struggling for months (wasted the first six months of this year :-( and I'm sick of it! I'm going to investigate this way of eating. Just a question - do you work out while doing this? If so, have you found it more challenging/easier? I like to run and they're all about how carbs help you run. So, I'm wondering a bit on that. Thanks! (Oh, BTW, I've been following you for YEARS, and now your insta - I'm Shauna_Kat there, because here I can't seem to find out how to sign in! :-/

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  14. As usual Rin is extremely uneducated and ignorant. Just bitterly lying about a low carb diet to justify her obesity and out control carb cravings. If you google rinfox24 you will see how obese she is unless she took down all her pics after the last time she was exposed. She really doesn't have a clue about nutrition.

    All grains make you fat. It doesn't matter if they're ancient or whole grains. They provoke hunger and inhibit nutrient absorption. All sugars make you fat, natural sugars too.

    A ketogenic diet for beginners is one that is low carb and high fat. You need fat to burn fat and to feel full and to absorb vital nutrients. You need it for your brain and organs to function. For healthy skin, hair and nails. Carbs you really don't need so much.

    You replace fat for carbs for your energy source. The fatter you are you eat more fat to burn it. You feel full all the time. Calories aren't equal. its the type you eat and not how many. If you eat low carb high fat you can eat way more calories than you ever though and still lose. If you eat low fat high carb however you have to starve yourself because thats a fattening diet.I would have to say a low ketogenic diet foods! It is a fast way to lose some weight! I am on it and am very pleased with the results I only wanted to lose ten pounds and I lost more in about a 21/2 week period and you can definitely tell! For low carb you start out by eating 20g of carbs a day for 2 weeks. By just doing this it will shock your body and after three days you will be in a state of contoses. The state of contoses is where your body will run off the 20g of carbs and the already exsisting fat/carbs and burn them away! After 2 weeks of 20g you should go to 30g for another 2 weeks, 40g-2 weeks,50g 2 weeks.. Then drop back down to 20. It is a quick way I lost.

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