Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Ketogenic Diet

Over the past several weeks I have had countless people email, text, or message me on social media asking if I can help them or give them information about the diet that I'm on. If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know that since the end of January I have been following a ketogenic diet plan. It's really not a diet... more like a way of eating. High fat (70-80%). Moderate protein (20-25%). Very low carb. And by very low carb, I mean that I typically eat less than 20 total carbs daily.

This is where I lose most people.

"How in the world can you eat less than 20 carbs!" (it's easy)
"Don't you eat fruit and vegetables?" (veggies, no fruit)
"I can't live without my carbs." (in that case, continue to eat them)
"Doesn't all that fat make you fat?" (absolutely not)

I have to admit, I started out in January with the same "diet" mindset that most of America had and just REALLY wanted to lose weight. I was back up to 316.4 lbs. My feet, knees and back HURT EVERY DAY. I was sad. I was out of breath. I had no energy. I was miserable in my skin. I had to do something. But after 3 weeks of trying to lower carbs and make good choices, I was struggling. The food addiction was still so real. So I just knew... the carbs had to go. Completely.

So on January 30 I just made the jump. I was going to try Keto one last time. But this time I REALLY did my research. I got into a great support group on Facebook (Ketogenic Success). I read. I read, And I read some more. I counted my macros and made sure to stay in the prescribed ranges. And guess what? I started losing. Steadily. Pretty much every week for the first 90 or so days.

But even more important is that I STOPPED dieting.

Somewhere along the line eating this way stopped being a diet. It didn't feel like restriction. I lost the desire to cheat. I was full, satisfied, and happy. Finally... peace with food! And the pain was gone. My feet, back, and knees were no longer painful. My energy is through the roof. My mental clarity is back.

Oh, and as of May 25, 2016 in officially down 50 lbs.

It's amazing.

So, in the keto community, there is a thing called "ketovangelizing". It's where we've learned this totally new "way" of eating, and we feel the need to share it with anyone that is also on a diet struggle. Especially if it involves Type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes (because this diet makes it practically vanish). I have been ketovangelizing to many, and so many around me (both in person and online) are now trying this way of eating.

And guess what? THEY ARE LOSING WEIGHT. I had a co-worker just tell me last week she has lost 21 lbs in a MONTH. People who try it love it.

I've decided to start blogging about this lifestyle. Giving some basic information about this way of eating to hopefully help get someone started if they want to.

This isn't about products. This isn't about spending a ton of money on groceries or impossible ingredients (you'll actually save money). No gimmicks. Just real food.

And peace with food. Recovery from food addiction. Freedom from calorie counting or obsessing about macros.

It's truly a lifestyle. And I love it.

So over the next few days I'm going to give some information on the ketogenic diet. I am also going to share a little about what I've learned about the lies that have been fed to us (excuse the pun) by the diet industry that have made us fat and unsuccessful at diets. I might also touch on intermittent fasting (something new that I'm learning about that goes along with the keto way of eating). If you're interested, please read. You may learn something new. If you are unable or unwilling to CONSIDER there might be another way, or that fat is not the enemy, please keep scrolling through the inter-web.

Knowledge is power. Sharing is caring.