Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I hate to be negative, but I am glad to see 2015 go! Although it's been one of the most transformational years I've had in a long time, I am READY to keep going and make even more huge changes in the new year!

I have so many hopes and dreams for 2016. For work, for my personal life, and especially my body and health. I had a lot of excuses... real ones... in 2015. Besides moving from Tennessee to Florida, I had major surgery, changed jobs, sent two kids to college, and began and maintained a happy relationship with my ex-husband! Somewhere along the way I pushed my health/weightloss to the back burner and gained a lot of weight. According to MyFitnessPal, I weighed in at 280.2 last new years. Today, I weighed 309.2. That's 29 lbs gained in 2015. On top of the 18 lbs I gained in 2014, that's about 50 lbs up from my smallest weight in 2013. 

I did a lot of things right in 2013, but I still didn't truly embrace my food addiction. I still had a DIET mindset. Maybe that's what I've finally had to learn all these years. That this journey must be about HEALTH - inside and out. I'm in a good place. I'm moving forward. 

And I truly believe I can do anything. This WILL be the year I reach my goal weight. My promise to myself for 2016 is to make this journey a LIFESTYLE. I am so over the diet - binge - feel like shit cycle that I've been on for a lifetime. I have to face my demons. SEE my food addiction for what it is. And overcome it like I know I can. No more extremes. No more DIETS. Just healthy, sane choices. I will have to eliminate sugar and white flour because they are deadly drugs in my body. But like I have proven over and over again this past week... There are PLENTY of tasty options that don't include those ingredients. No more feeling like crap after I eat. More fruit and veggies and water. More exercise. More energy. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone. I can do this.