Sunday, October 19, 2014

Getting through the rough times...

I took a road trip to Missouri to see my mom this weekend. In case you're new or missed it, mom has Alzheimer's disease and is in a nursing home.

I just wasn't prepared for how her condition has deteriorated since I last saw her in May. Bless her heart... It just made me so sad. And leaving her was the worst.

I cried most of the way home (4 hours). And I just wanted to eat.

I packed my Personal Trainer Food and a gallon of water for the trip. I was prepared, and had breakfast on the way. But once I got there, I lost all appetite and didn't eat again all day. On the way home, I was HUNGRY. Inside and out.

I had a hole inside my gut that I felt that only food could fill. I wanted sweets. I wanted fast food. I wanted anything but that food that was in my lunchbox.

But sanity kicked in. And I stopped at a PILOT and warmed up my food. (I've learned that PILOT truck stops always have a microwave).

The next day, I was down. Which I think is probably pretty normal. So just on a whim, I stopped by Old Navy on the way to my Saturday job to try on a pair of size 16 pants... just to see if they would fit. Guess what?????

Oh. Em. Gee. Happy just don't describe how I felt.

(And I'll add this, because someone left a comment about "vanity sizing" not even five minutes after I made this post. I KNOW these pants are VERY generously sized. They are stretchy. I am very aware of vanity sizing, and that these pants are not a "true" size 16. But I DON'T CARE. The tag says size 16 and this makes me HAPPY.)

Sometimes, I just want to eat everything in sight. Sometimes I want to quit. But I know why I have to keep pushing.

I have about two more weeks of Personal Trainer food left. And then I will probably just keep on eating the same thing... meats and veggies and eggs. Low-carb is working. I feel like I can do this, and I feel like I am finally in control. Habits are being formed every time I make the choice to stay sugar/carb free. Consistency is key.