Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 13 - I miss coffee

Today is day 13 of my Daniel Fast, and so far, so good! I haven't cheated one time, nor have I wanted to. Yeah, sometimes I REALLY want something that isn't allowed, but cravings haven't been overwhelming. The only thing I truly miss is coffee. Oh, how I want some coffee so bad! It's definitely one of the first things I will treat myself to. And I'd love some tilapia. Weird, but the stuff I want isn't even bad. So I know I'll be able to last for until January 22.

I'm still very adamant that I am not eating sugar or refined carbs this year. Which still even seems crazy in my mind, but I am determined. I really think it's a necessary step to beat my food addiction. Yes, I will miss it. But I'll live.

I have discovered that beans don't agree with me. After making three different recipes with beans last week, I noticed that my belly stayed really bloated and I became constipated. The only other thing that could be causing this is the wheat crackers (Triscuits - they are allowed) I've been eating. We'll see after the fast. I'm already planning on cutting down on beans this week, but the wheat crackers will stay until I'm off the fast and can find a gluten-free alternative.

Oh, I've discovered natural peanut butter. Freshly ground. And it's amazing. Such a treat.

I've lost down to 261.5, but the scale really hasn't moved in the past week. Any other time I'd be stressing but right now I'm not worried about it. Weight loss is a bonus, not the reason for this fast.

I do think I'm growing closer to God. It's almost like I feel him talking to me at times, and I need that. I'm still waiting on my "breakthrough" but I believe I'll get it. I'm only half-way through this fast, and I'll go longer if I'm led to.

Not exercising a lot. Honestly, I "want" to, but I haven't been very motivated. My energy level isn't great... maybe lack of protein? This week I will try, but I have a work deadline that's killing me, so that will come first. Hopefully I'll knock out the majority over the next day or so and will be in the gym soon. Right now, honestly, eating and food is my main concern. The fitness will always come.

Pray for me!