Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1 - goals for the new year

I only have one main resolution for 2014, and that's to seek Gods will in everything I do this year. Weightloss. Family. Career. Home. Everything.

To start this year on the right foot, I've committed to doing the Daniel Fast for 21 days. 

Today is day 1 and it's been ok. The cravings and mental challenge are definitely there, but all is well so far. It's taking way too long for my blackeyed peas and brown rice to cook in the cockpot, though. I'm not excited for dinner... I really wanted to go stock up on 'allowed' food but of course my paycheck wasn't in the bank as it should be. Hopefully I can go tomorrow.

I've read. I've prayed. But I still don't feel like mentality I'm 100% there. I'm sure I'll get there, though... 

Besides going sugar/refined carb free this year (which is huge), I've also set 175 lbs as a weight goal. I weighed in this morning... 

That's about a 15 lb gain since November 1. ***sigh***

I've promised myself that the Daniel Fast will not be about weight loss, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope to lose some weight. My body image is at an all time low.

Another 2014 goal is to run a 5k (Sherry's Run) in September. I want to run it. And I believe I'll be able to. 

As of today, I officially have health insurance. Say what you want about ObamaCare, but I'm grateful to finally have affordable healthcare. I can finally get some things looked at that's been bothering me. These are also things that would stand in the way of me achieving my goals this year. 

I've been in a little bout of depression for a few days... Not exactly sure why. I've been fighting a cold for over a week, and this cold dreary weather is for the birds. But tomorrow hopefully I can get out and that will make me feel better. Vacation is almost over! Back to work on Friday.