Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Weigh-in... 2013

I have to admit... this week has been a bit frustrating as far as the scale is concerned. I was over-the-moon happy on Christmas when the scale said 299.6! I got my wish! But the next day... inexplicably... The scale shot up about 2 lbs. I wondered if it was all the exercise I did on Christmas day, because I KNEW my food was good... no cheating! Then a few minutes later I realized my cycle had started.... OK!

Well, since last Wednesday, the scale has been anywhere from 300.0 - 300.8... But I haven't freaked out. I have a REALLY long menstrual cycle that can last up to 10 days. AND I've been to the gym or exercised at least 4-5 days this week. My body may be freaking out a bit.

I keep telling myself it's ok... I am doing what I need to be doing. My carbs are low. My calories are low. My protein is high. I'm exercising. Drinking lots of water. Eating good, unprocessed food. It will all be okay... The number on the scale is just that... a number.

But... when I got on the scale this morning... I saw this.

(What a great phone pic, lol!)

Happy new year to me! It's not by much, but it really makes me happy for my starting weight of 2013 to be UNDER 300 lbs... I really hope it's not another tease and that my body is ready to lose some more weight. God knows I'm putting in the effort.

Today makes FOUR WEEKS SUGAR FREE! This is defnitely the longest I have ever abstained from sugar/white flour. And even though I still have cravings... they are NOT overwhelming. I feel so much stronger and in control of my eating now. It's an amazing feeling.

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