Thursday, December 27, 2012

Measuring Progress

I've really had to remind myself of this over the past two days. After being ELATED bout seeing 299+ on Tuesday, the scale jumped right back up on Wed. About 2 lbs up! Which was very discouraging being that I ate well on Christmas (no sugar or refined carbs and within my calories) and did a LOT of exercise. But TOM came later that morning, and I was very sore from the exercise, so I figured that was it. I let it go.

The scale was still up a little this morning (300.2), and that didn't bother me as much. But it still made me question whether or not it was the right time to start exercising again.

I got a lot of feedback from Facebook friends, and went ahead and hit the gym today. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and some upper body weights.

I know me, and I know that exercise is essential to my journey for health. Even though I LOVE seeing the scale get lower and lower, I also love to look good in clothes, and FEEL good when I move. Exercise does that for me. And I know it helps me lose inches, too. I snapped these pics today, and I look bigger in these pictures than I did at about 10 lbs. heavier this summer. But this summer I was in the gym A LOT. I see the difference.

So if I can just strike that balance between a great diet and a great exercise plan... I WILL BE SO HAPPY! I just don't see where I can lose! (or gain, lol). I felt really great after my workout today. And I can tell a difference with just 19 lbs gone. 

And about that scale... I promised that I would go to weekly weigh-ins after I hit 299, but this fluctuation makes me want to keep watch daily for now. I really do think I'm just using it as a tool at this point... or I might just be lying to myself. I'm just not ready to put it away. Stepping on that scale at 6:30 every morning is accountability to myself. It's an indicator of how well I did the day before, or it might tell me that I'm doing something wrong. 

Or I might be making excuses to keep it, lol. Mr. Leonard has assured me, though, that if he sees me getting scale-obsessed again like last time that he'll hide it from me again. And I believe him.

On another subject... I accidentally deleted a lot of my blogs from the Google Friend connect yesterday. If you see that I'm gone, or would just like me to add you, please leave a link in the comments. And if you have a Facebook page you use for motivation, let me know that, too! I'm trying to stay connected!