Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Looking at the bright side...

Thanks to the lovely technology of apps, I am now able to read the blogs I follow almost daily. I know that several bloggers took a day or so off from blogging to pay respect to the horrible murders that took place in CT on Friday. I, too, held off from posting for that reason. Honestly, I have avoided any press on that situation. I haven't turned on the tv coverage and haven't read a single thing about it. As soon as I heard that children were killed in an elementary school, and that many of those children were first graders... I immediately plugged my ears. As a mother of a first grader, who also is a teacher in an elementary school... It just hits too close to home. Right or wrong, I just can't process that type of tragedy.

I am choosing to look at the brighter things right now. I am 2+ weeks sugar/white flour free! I have finally reached a turning point where when faced with sugary treats, I do NOT have a meltdown. I had three different events last week where I was faced with either a work potluck or a buffet and I held strong and made good choices. I turned down Mexican with co-workers yesterday because it didn't make sense to play with fire. And I am prepared to stay strong at BUNCO tonight.

So far, I'm down 16 lbs since 11/15... 13 lbs gone since I lowered carbs on 12/4. That's an amazing drop, and I know it will slow down. But right now, it's very motivating.

I'm eating lots of lean chicken and fish and turkey. Veggies, including broccoli and spinach and salad greens. I eat fruit most days, but not as much as I did the first week. Lots of water. Cashews and almonds occasionally. And a few times I've had a Luna bar or an Isagenix Isalean meal bar when my carbs are low and I need something filling on the go. If I'm low on veggies, ill do a green smoothie with a low-sugar protein powder. I've cut down on soda to 1-2 per week.

I've been tracking using the Lose-it app, but may switch back to MFP since they also have a barcode scanner. The first week, I averaged about 102 carbs daily, and last week was closer to 70 carbs daily. I get between 90-100 grams of protein daily, too.

Another thing that has been an important step is only eating when I feel hungry. Honestly, that was such a foreign feeling for me. But now it's so amazing to actually FEEL that cue that everyone talks about that tells you that you need to eat. It's no longer an urge or a craving that I listen to. I'm listening to my body.

I am so thankful for all the support I am getting along the way, too. Friends that I'm constantly calling and texting with meltdowns and triumphs. I'm also very encouraged by my SkinnyHollie Facebook friends.

It's been a great few weeks. Now if I can only get through Christmas I will be set up for success in the New Year. I am officially on vacation until January 2, so I have a few more goals to work on while I've got free time. I want to continue to be sugar-free/low carb. And I want to start exercising again. I don't really have a plan for the exercise yet... Not sure if I should do cardio, strength training, or both. But I do know that exercise makes me hungry, so ill have to monitor those feelings carefully.

Until next time!