Monday, August 6, 2012

Three great things...

Since I last posted three great things happened that will hopefully have a major impact on my weight loss journey:

1. I joined Weight Watcher's online.
2. I joined the fancy gym near my house.
3. I bought a bike!

I didn't just set out to do all these things, but everything just fell into place! I joined WW online on Friday and started the plan on Saturday. This weekend was a BUST, though... It was tax-free weekend in TN and I basically shopped all evening Friday, all day Saturday, and half the day on Sunday. It was just too crazy to really sit down and try to learn the plan and track points. But today has gone really well so far. I actually am going to make salad for dinner tonight. Last night my family enjoyed roasted broccoli. I also stocked up on fruit and veggies, and have my lunches planned. No excuses.

My ex-hubby, who is now my boyfriend manfriend partner babydaddy (not really sure what to call him, lol, but we are happy and working out our issues), paid the pricey fee on Friday for the new gym, because he really wants to get in shape, too. I am excited to go there this evening for the first time. I get four free consults with a personal trainer, so I am excited about that, too. The convenience is going to be great.

Then on Saturday, he was browsing through Craigslist and found a great deal on a bike. $75 for a bike that retails at $499! All it needed was to be cleaned up and some air in the tires. Since Mr. L (I'll give him a name) is and has always been a bike NUT and cycling addict, he was more than happy to get my bike in sparkling condition yesterday morning. I was so excited to take it for a spin!

Let me tell you... the first couple of trips up and down my street were HARD. I've only been out of the gym for a week, so it's not that I am so far out of shape. I just feel like riding the bike was working muscles I haven't been working. My legs are super sore today, but thankfully the bike seat is cushy and my butt doesn't hurt!

Mr. L took several videos of me riding. Once again I almost let the way I looked ruin the moment. In my mind, I look and feel so much thinner than I am, and there is nothing like a picture or video to bring me down. But I quickly changed my attitude and really tried to keep the high I had from riding. From yesterday morning to yesterday evening, I had to ride several times just to get the hang of riding a bike! It's been since high school since I've rode a bike any real distance. But good thing practice makes perfect!

I have never posted a video on this blog, and I really debated about posting this one. Not trying to be negative, but I hate the way I look. But I know that in that moment I was so happy. I've always envied Mr. L when he goes out on 30 mile bike rides, and this is the first time we've ever rode together. One day I will look back and my change will be remarkable.