Sunday, August 12, 2012


Some days when I wake up, I feel a little more determined than others. Today, as I was talking to my daughter, I realized that I have CONSISTENTLY been on track with diet and exercise since my birthday on May 26. There, of course, have been days that I have eaten terribly. There have been days that I didn't work out when I should have. But overall, I have been on track.

I can't say that there have been more than two days straight where I haven't been focused on the right path. Whatever that is at the time. Visalus, counting calories, eating clean, low carb, Weight Watcher's... I have been having a hard time finding the "perfect" plan, but I can say with honestly that I've been trying.


God, how I have just been striving for consistency.

I've even been fairly consistent in workouts. The first two weeks back to work were rough, but I was back on track with exercise this week thanks to my new bike. I LOVE riding. Besides going swimming, I haven't even been to the new gym yet. My afternoons this week have been spent riding my bike around my neighborhood.

This morning Mr. L and I went EIGHT MILES in just over an hour. We rode in a big circle around our town. Toward the end I was really tired, but I never once wanted to stop. I felt so accomplished after I was done. In one week I've went from riding up and down my street for 5 minutes at a time to riding an 8-mile course that took an hour. Wow. I am pretty proud of myself.

And apparently I have many friends out there that are proud of me, too. A couple of times I've been told that I am an inspiration. That's hard to believe. Me, inspiring? The girl who has dieted all summer with no real weight loss? Me? I just have to shake my head and smile. Wow... that's an amazing compliment.

I am finally in a good place where I am feeling a little less urgent about what the scale says and more in tune to how I feel. My bike rides yesterday afternoon and this morning left me feeling so strong. For someone 300+ lbs, I feel so blessed to have a body that can still work and function like it should. I am beginning to love to exercise, and crave it when I'm not doing it.

The food... well, I am still at war with what I eat but Weight Watcher's is helping me. Last week was rough as far as tracking and staying within my points, but I did like the freedom. I didn't feel like I was stressed out about my choices, or restricted in any way. I have figured out (again) that the days that I have a good lunch packed and lots of fruit that I have no problem staying within my points. I did a lot of grocery shopping this weekend to make sure I have plenty of choices and easy options to grab and go for work. I am expecting a good week.

I am also going to stay away from the scale for a while longer. I don't want that thing to mess with this good feeling I've got going. WHEN I start losing weight again, my clothes will tell me. Until then, I am just going to keep going. Eventually, I will get there.