Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 67 - Sugar-free Me

I am praying that a sugar-free diet is the last key for me. Saturday was day 1 for me... No added sugar, low carbs, no white. So far, the only sugar I have had is the sugar from one piece of fruit daily.

I have also decided to stop all shakes for right now. I am afraid that even though they are low in sugar and carbs that the sweet taste might be a trigger.

This weekend was rough. I had terrible withdrawals Saturday and Sunday. Leg cramps, headaches, no energy, depression... Bad times. This week has been better. I even went to the gym on Monday.

I am also back at work. No students this week, just professional development. And lots of food. So far, I have avoided all of it!

This weekend was an eye opener for me on how much of a drug that sugar is for me. I know that no-matter what, I need to let it go. Not just for weight loss, but for health.

And as a TOOL (lol), I have brought ONE scale back in the house and have been weighing daily. The scale has been moving down a little at a time. As of yesterday I was down 1.4 lbs for the week, but this morning was back up .8. I am sure this was from too much sodium and a little whole wheat for dinner. The sugar/carbs were ok, just not the other ingredients. I'm not upset... my body told me immediately that I shouldn't have ate it.

My goals for this week is to continue to be low carb/low sugar. I will have to continue to resist temptation at work, and also find time for the gym. Not only am I back to work this week, but my oldest daughter is at an acting camp 30 miles away. So as soon as I leave work I have to sit in evening traffic for about an hour each way to get her. There goes my gym time, so I will have to just go late.

I am really trying to stay positive here. I am reading a new book, Why Quantum Physicists Don't Get Fat, and the book talks a lot about framing your thoughts about yourself in a proper way so that you are not always so negative about yourself and your journey (which I have to admit I need to work on). Very insightful so far... but more on that later.

Thanks again for all the comments and suggestions. I have received some very good advice and resources thanks to you all!