Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 52 - Not Giving Up

Feeling a little discourage today. I am still not feeling any visible progress. And after peeking at the scale at the gym yesterday, the scale hasn't moved, either.

What the HELL am I doing wrong? Is my body just this cruel?

Since I started back to using MFP on June 18 (22 days ago), I have logged in every single day to count calories. I have logged in exercise for 15 of those days. I started out at 1900 calories, and lowered it to 1700 just the other day thinking maybe 1900 was too many. I tried doing an 1+ hrs of cardio daily, then dropped down to 30+ minutes plus weights. Heavy weights that challenge me. Harder cardio... now I am doing intervals that kick my butt.

I feel so much better - physically. But why isn't my body changing?

My diet has NOT been perfect, but I have counted every single calorie and haven't gone over by much - even on days when I've been out of town. I am still drinking my Vi-shakes. I am eating fruit and veggies like crazy. Almost no processed food anymore.

But I am doing something wrong. I am still so unsure of how many calories I am supposed to eat with all the exercise I'm doing. Do I eat my calories? Or not? Or some? MFP calculates it, but I don't know whether to put in "light activity" or "sedentary". I started with "light activity" which gave me around 1900 k-cal, but I changed it to "sedentary" the other day to lower it to almost 1700 k-cal. Right now, I am going to stick with it and try my best not to go over. I am also not going to eat any of my exercise calories.

The 2nd month of my challenge is almost over and it makes me so frustrated that I'm not getting the progress I expected.

The only thing that I am glad about is that I feel like I am forming good habits. Counting calories and exercising are seeming very routine to me right now. And that is good.

I have a bow order that I HAVE to finish this morning, so I need to get busy.

I'm going to keep moving forward! Something HAS to give.