Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hitting pause...

I am on vacation! I have waited for this week all year, and my kids and I are having a blast!

I just wanted to check in so you guys wouldn't think I'd dropped off the planet again. I am still shakin' it and staying on plan. I am allowing myself ONE meal out with my family, and I am trying to eat in moderation. My other two meals are Vi-shakes. I am doing tons of walking and SWIMMING! I am so excited to finally know how to swim. I'm not a GREAT swimmer, and I probably work too hard, lol. But hey... that's burning more calories!

I will be back home by Friday night, and will definitely give you all an update on Saturday. I really want to tell you about my challenge party, and all that has been going on with Body by Vi. Bad and good :)

Until then... I am headed to the pool!