Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 30 - Counting Calories...

I really hate the scale. Hate it. But I have three of them right beside my bed. I stare at them each morning when I wake up, whether I'm on plan or not. The number on the scale is either my friend or my enemy. For the past couple of weeks, it has been my enemy.

First of all, my "best" scale is in need of a battery, so it's now as unreliable as the two that sit beside it. I haven't really been able to get an ACCURATE weigh-in since I started my 90-day challenge. But I still step on the other two, hoping for a downward trend. Which I can't seem to get.

I am beginning to get frustrated. I KNOW I am losing... something. My clothes are looser, and I can SEE a difference in my face and mid-section. But I need to see a number! It's all mental, I know.

So today, I am doing two things. I am buying a battery for my "good" scale. And I am going back to counting calories.

Over the past few weeks, I have had a few people mention that I might not be eating ENOUGH calories. My vi-shakes keep me so full that I'm never hungry anymore. So I am not really having snacks during the day, just my two shakes and a salad or something else light for dinner. But then I am also just coming back from a week of vacation where I ate out every night... I am just unable to see a "trend" right now, so I am going to count calories with the MyFitnessPal app so I can SEE what I am doing.

In the past, this works for me. Even though I HATE counting calories, I know it works.

I am claiming full success over the last 30 days. I am exercising at least 5 times per week. I am drinking 2 vi-shakes per day and eating fruits and veggies like crazy. My choices are good. My water intake is good... not great. And I feel amazing. It's all going well, except the scale. So I really feel like if I track religiously for the next 60 days of this challenge, I will start to see what the problem is and therefore see the results I know I deserve.

I'm off to the gym!