Saturday, May 19, 2012

It all begins... tomorrow!

I am starting my Body by Vi challenge... tomorrow. I actually already started drinking the shakes (because they are GOOD), but I am not PREPARED enough to really give this 100%. My brain keeps saying, "This is why you should wait until after vacation", but I refuse. I just need the next couple of hours to finish my menu planning and workout times for next week. And I also need to get a few groceries (almond milk, various extracts, etc) so that I can make different shake recipes I keep reading about. Apparently, the possibilities are ENDLESS for these shakes. For the past few mornings, I have been doing the shake mix with orange juice and ice cubes. Tastes like a creamcicle. LOVE.

Even thought I've been thrown a few curve balls for the past few days, I am still excited. Today at the soccer field someone came up to me to let me know their MIL is doing a 90-day challenge with Body by Vi and is doing very well. In the back of my mind I thought, "I wonder what she will say when she sees ME 90 days from now...".

Today when I was leaving Kalela's last game and saying goodbyes to the other parents of kids on my team, I thought the same thing. "Wonder what they will think when they see me when Fall soccer starts?".

I know I'm going to do this. I am starting now, but when school gets out it's gonna be so nice. I am already planning my days, and just getting the plan together is so motivating.

I took "before" pictures night before last and it was awful. So embarrassing. I stripped down to just my bra and panties for the BEST "before" picture possible... Why did I do that? I locked my door and cried for at least 30 minutes. In my mind, I am not as obese as I obviously am in person. My body is a trainwreck. I am so disappointed in myself for letting myself get to this point.


WHEN I post my side-by-side "after" picture on day, it's going to be the greatest day of my life!

Maybe I will get the courage to post that "before" pic on her for all to see... Let me think on that one!