Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If I could wear my iPod all day...

Why is this song making me emotional right now?

I heard the tail end of the song on the radio yesterday, so I was thinking about it again today and decided to put it on my iPod. Sounds like a good workout song, right?

But something about this song reminds me of good times. Good times with my besties... I miss those times. I miss hanging out with my friends. And then I started thinking about the good times I had in 2009 when I was newly separated, in full-party mode, and the thinnest I've been since 2005.


Well, I certainly can't dwell in the past.

I've done so much better this week, but I think I just channeled some new-found motivation. Something from deep within that I forgot was there. I haven't felt that little part of myself in a while. It's hard to describe.

I love music. If I could wear my iPod all day I would stay so motivated all the time!

Only 26 days of school! Woo hoo!