Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good times...

This blog isn't "exactly" weight loss related tonight... just wanted to share some pictures. I have plateaued, but I know exactly why. I haven't had much time for the gym over the past few weeks, and tracking has been scarce. I am still drinking my Slim-Fast, and still making the best choices I can. It's just been so busy and stressful. Ugh.

But I was able to go to Missouri to see my mom and family this weekend. Good times.

I got to see with my own two eyes that my mom is okay. She has changed so much... her mind is going fast. But she knew who we were, and was glad to see us. She seems to be adjusting well to the nursing home, finally, after a couple of rough weeks. My kids were so happy to see her.

We drove down Friday morning and came back Sunday night. I have to say that it was SUCH a great trip. I really feel like I am connecting with my sister and nieces again. We are finally putting the family drama to rest and coming together as a family... like we should have all along.

We had a huge Easter dinner, which I am proud to report that I didn't eat much of. Since being on plan for so long, I am just not ABLE to eat as much as I used to. My portions are small... which is good!

There were lots of desserts, and I had one small slice of each... which I didn't even finish! It feels good to be able to eat what I want in moderation.

I promise to get back to regular blogging soon... just really trying to wrap my head around so much that is going on. I really can't get into it all... just a lot of emotions and stress. I will be fine, though...

I really want to get a good push going so that I can lose more weight before my birthday (May 26). I know if I can concentrate again I will get there!