Thursday, March 8, 2012

What day is this?

I intended to post my numbers for this past week tonight, but I am just wiped out. I had to work LATE tonight, and also go to the grocery. It's been A LONG TWO WEEKS! But tomorrow is my last day of work before SPRING BREAK! I will finally get a chance to rest and relax... and work out like a mad woman for the last week of my challenge. I can't believe I've almost made it for 30 days! I had a few rough days, but I am still going strong. I am back to 100+ oz of water, and I took my supplements today!

It is raining like crazy in middle TN and my knees are ACHING. Bad. Even if I had time to workout tonight, I probably wouldn't have. I pray that my old knee injuries aren't going to start giving me problems. Ugh.

I will try my best to post numbers tomorrow!