Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 20... hanging on for dear life!

...or even if your schedule sucks... or your circumstances... or your whatever. Just KEEP doing it!

That is what I have been telling myself for the last few days. I knew last week was crazy, but this week has not let up, either. I kind of knew I was in trouble on Friday after baking all those treats and being stuck in the house all day. Saturday... complete FAIL. The only good thing I can say about Saturday is that I started my day with a Slim-Fast, and I walked for 30 minutes (in the dark) after the banquet. I was NOT on plan... at all. Oh, another good thing I can say about Saturday is that I got an iPod Touch, which I have been wanting FOREVER. Now I have apps like everyone else!

Sunday was MUCH better. I was actually under on my calories that day because I was so busy all day.

Yesterday (Monday), I had a party at my house (my Thirty-One launch party). I ate light all day because I knew that I wanted to enjoy a slice of pizza and a chess square... which I did. I also made it my business to go to the gym to get on that elliptical 35 minutes before the party. I went over a little in calories, but according to myfitnesspal (which I am using on my new iPod touch!), my exercise made up for it.

Today, I had another meeting/dinner party to attend, so I also planned accordingly. I was so proud of myself for skipping the decadent brownies they had for dessert. I had dessert Saturday AND last night at my own party... I am good. But I was NOT able to make it to the gym as planned. I actually worked late today! I had no choice... and I even forgot that my doctor had an appt this afternoon. It was right across from her school so she walked there, but I forgot and had to rush out to pick her up! I felt so bad!

I am struggling with drinking water all of a sudden... not sure why. I was doing so good.

Ok. So now it's just time for me to get my butt in gear for the next 10 days of my challenge. The old me would have quit after Saturday, but not the new me! I am still determined to keep my scale moving in the right direction. I am also determined to keep trying to gain the healthy lifestyle habits that I need so desperately.

Honestly, I think that I have had some very "real life" tests over the past few day and looking back, I haven't done as bad as I could have, or would have just a few weeks ago. NEVER in my mind did I just say, "screw it. I've failed again." No... not at all. I have been so good at planning and compensating. Saturday was the only day I really overate, and honestly, it was because I had a "cocktail" before dinner, and since I don't normally drink anymore, I really got a buzz, lol. And like everyone says, alcohol REALLY DOES impede your decision-making abilities when it comes to food. No more cocktails for me. Not right now, at least. :)

Tomorrow night's bunco was cancelled, so I am not free to play catch-up at home, and hopefully with some school work as well. Report cards are DONE and I am finally caught up on most of the paperwork I needed to do before Spring Break NEXT WEEK. I am SO, SO happy that after 3 more days I will be off for TWO WEEKS! I am really needing a break right now. And I am really looking forward to kicking up my workouts during those two weeks, too. It will be nice to go to the gym and have plenty of time.

Did I just say that?