Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 2... TGIF!

Not sure where I stole this pic... but I like it!

Today was another great day! I have ended my day at 1660 calories... a little short of my 1800 because I had a little trouble slicing my bread that I had for dinner. My piece looked pretty big, so I didn't eat all of it. Dinner was late tonight because we waited 1 1/2 hours at the barber shop for my son to get his hair cut! I usually get their earlier, but gym had to come first! And since we don't eat fast food anymore, we just had to wait until I cooked dinner (which was a yummy soup from Tastefully simple).

I got 30 min on the elliptical today, which I was proud of. I had a whole list of things I needed to do after work, but I just pushed them off until tomorrow. My gym time came first. And my son desperately needed a haircut, lol. The rest can wait.

I am #tired so I am laying it down for the night. It feels good going to bed knowing that I am one step closer to changing my life forever!