Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 13... Rachel's Challenge

If you haven't heard of Rachel's Challenge, I encourage you to visit this website, http://www.rachelschallenge.org/. I went to a presentation tonight at my son's school and it was so moving. I am so glad I went.

Today was on plan, although I have been slacking with my supplements. My classroom assistant bought me a new water cup, so that really brightened my morning! I had to "find" 30 minutes after school to work out. It's been a BUSY afternoon... I am patiently waiting for my kids to hurry and go to bed because I am TIRED. I have two meetings after school tomorrow, then church. I am thinking about dropping my kids at church and then going to work out... I know. I'm a heathen.

I hope everyone reading had a great day! Tomorrow will be the end of my 2nd week completely on plan. I'm almost 1/2 through my challenge and I am feeling very focused, still. My weight loss has slowed this week, but I had a huge loss last week, and I am still in TOM. Thing is, I KNOW that I am doing everything that I am supposed to, so I am not discouraged. The scale will always catch up. I am so close to getting out of the 300's for good I can taste it! I can't wait!