Wednesday, February 15, 2012

30-day Challenge

Man... I paused when I wrote the title of this blog post. I almost backed out. But I won't.

I am challenging myself to a 30 day challenge.

In two books that I have read in the past week or so, I have read that it can take 30 - 60 days to REALLY form a habit. Both times when I read that, I thought, "Could I really do it for 30 days straight?"

Why not? Why do I tell MYSELF that I can't do it? I am my own worst enemy in that way. I start thinking of excuses before I've even tried.

So today, while I was sitting in the doctor's office with my sick son, I decided that I need to challenge myself to 30 days on plan. 1800 calories per day (which means I will have to track), taking my supplements, and drinking at least 150 oz of water. Every day. For 30 days. NO excuses. I am hoping that with this commitment to eating, getting to the gym for at least 5 days per week won't be hard. Especially since wrestling season is officially over for Keven.

I was still playing this challenge around in my head when I picked up my baby girl from after-school care. I missed work today, and also missed a faculty meeting. I ran into my Asst. Principal who told me that I missed getting my "Top Model" award, and that they had told the entire faculty about my blog ambassadorship with Slim-Fast and my trip to New York City. So you know what that means? Failure is no longer an option. I will not fail in front of my colleagues, and now that they all know about my partnership with Slim-Fast, I will have a hundred eyes on me. Accountability!

I'm going to do it. I really am. I am worth it.

As if I needed more incentive, I ordered three new summer dresses with my "Wow Moment" gift card from Slim-Fast. My goal is to look fabulous in these dresses in time for my birthday WOW moment. I can get them on now, but they don't "fit". But they will!

Oh... I also have booked a VACATION this year! On June 3 we will head to Orlando! Yes... that does sound like ADDED INCENTIVE.

10 reasons to successfully complete this challenge:
1. I need to prove to myself that I CAN DO THIS.
2. It will help me form habits that will get me to my goal.
3. I have the opportunity of a lifetime with Slim-Fast and I don't want to blow it.
4. My co-workers are watching me!
5. I now have clothes in my closet just WAITING for me to fit them.
6. I want to look fabulous on my birthday.
7. I want to reach my 40 lb. goal before I go on Vacation!
8. It's time for me to stop making excuses and JUST DO IT.
9. I am worth the time, effort and energy that this will take.
10. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.

See, I have lots of reasons to succeed.

My food is all planned for tomorrow. Lunch is packed. Dinner is laid out. And everything has been journaled and calories have been counted. I have also carved out my gym time and packed my gym bag. I am ready... and I will be back tomorrow to claim SUCCESS!