Friday, January 13, 2012

Snow day = me day

I thought about this quote today while I was on the elliptical. Thanks to a snow day today, I was able to make it to the gym for 32 minutes on the elliptical - no problem. That's three days this week, which was my goal. Yes!

Anyhoo... I was on one of the front ellipticals closest to the mirror, and I was thinking to myself that I would love to look good naked one day. I know plenty of people who have just restricted their calories, or had gastric bypass, and did NOT exercise. They have this "saggy" look to them that I hope to never have. I think that exercise is important in weight loss, that's why I always try to do it when I am on the food wagon. Because I don't just want to look good in clothes (Spanx can help me with that). I want to look good naked.

I can't wait for that moment to get here where I like looking in the mirror again. I have been feeling kind of down about my appearance lately. My Love tells me all the time that I am beautiful and sexy, and I appreciate that. But I don't feel it right now.

At least I know that I am doing something about it now, and I know that every day of good choices will lead to more and more days of good choices, and in a few months I will be able to tell a difference. I want so badly to get back into my size 20 jeans in my closet. I am pretty much in a 22... 24's are too big... so it won't be long. I hope!

Today I had a great rest day. I looked around on Pinterest, made some bows, then went to the gym. I went for groceries this morning, and I ran into a friend. She said she could really tell I'd lost weight since the last time she saw me (this summer, at the pool, which my have something to do with me "looking" smaller now, lol). Even though I know I haven't lost much WEIGHT since this summer, it felt good to get that compliment. Thanks, Kebel!

Well, I'm off to make a pot of chili. Keven has a tournament tomorrow, and it's my turn to make lunch. Don't tell anyone, but I am putting ground turkey in it instead of ground beef. I just don't eat beef anymore, and I can't even stand to use it for someone else. Besides, if I make my own healthy version, it will be something good for ME to have for lunch tomorrow, since I will more than likely be there 10 - 12 hours. Yes, they last that long. I also have Slim-Fast bars and fruit. And plenty of water. I will stay AWAY from the concession stand. I'm ready!