Thursday, January 5, 2012


If I spent as much time DOING as I do THINKING, I would probably get somewhere!

Today is January 5, and I still don't have my stuff together. Again, I start off well in the mornings, but by the afternoon I am just not focused. Today I actually started backsliding at work when I drank my THIRD mug of coffee (I usually have just 1). But I got my first walk-through today and even though I think I did okay, my nerves were shot.

My goal is to come up with some kind of plan this weekend to make next week go better. Hopefully I won't be as busy, and hopefully I can actually cook a few meals for dinner. I will have three of Jess's kids this weekend in addition to my four, so good luck with me having time to do anything besides hide in my room for fear of the natives tying me up and raiding my cereal stockpile in the garage!

Speaking of stockpile... my couponing efforts are going great so far! I actually have a little stockpile forming of items that I have paid pennies on the dollar for... items that we actually USE, not stuff just for show like on those Extreme Couponing shows... I don't get those shows. Those people will never use most of that stuff... they're just hoarding. I don't plan to hoard my goodies... I am looking for real savings. Last month I came in at about $100 below my grocery budget. #sweet

Last night while cruising around Pinterest, I was reminded of smoothies. Some call them "green monsters", but I always made mine with frozen blueberries and strawberries so they wouldn't be green. I remembered how good they used to be... how filling. And I remembered that I also used to have a smoothie each morning during the time that I was losing weight back in 2009. Hmmm... maybe I need to break out that protein powder collecting dust in my pantry and start doing smoothie's again. They just might help get my day off to a good, nutritious start.

But when thinking about smoothies, I also started thinking about my supplement regimen. That also really helped me shed the pounds during my "loser" period in 2009. Why did I veer away from those things when they were really making a difference? I lost around 30 lbs just by eating clean and taking supplements to support weight loss (all natural stuff, not diet pills). I was doing so well. Why did I stop doing what works?

Hmmm.... good question.