Saturday, September 3, 2011

Goals, and focusing on what is important.

I finally made my first goal... I am under 300 lbs! I have been hovering at around 298 for a few days. I drank some on Thursday night, so I stayed off the scale yest and today so I wouldn't be discouraged by any fluctuation that the alcohol caused. But I am still in control. Even with the stress (which is still here), and even with the holiday weekend.

Yes, I have been a little tempted. I had some cravings yesterday that I had to fight. And today I was "thinking" about a fast-food lunch (which I haven't had in months). But I have been able to overcome. I am very focused on my next goal of 289 lbs.

I realized today that although I am eating less, I have slacked on making good choices. I am not drinking all the water I should be. And I am also not eating enough fruit or veggies. SO that is my goal for the upcoming week.

With all the madness taking place in my personal life, I have to make myself focus on what is important. My children are my first priority, so I am trying to pour myself into them. They deserve my time, effort, and energy. I am also re-focusing a lot on my classroom and making this a successful school year.

Sometimes I wish I could just get control of my mind. My mind is my worst enemy. I think way too much, and I allow my thoughts to defeat me even before I have a chance to succeed. Medication helps, but I am still struggling. I am praying for guidance and peace in my life. I want to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.