Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peace all around me...

Thought for the Day: Eating in its proper context is not the problem. God gave us food for nourishment, strength, and even celebration. But when pleasure becomes unrestrained, there’s a problem.

Today is day one of the 21-day devotional series that goes along with the book I'm reading (Made to Crave). I woke up this morning, and I prayed for God to help me. My goal for the day is tracking and staying within my Weight Watcher points. Baby steps, yes, I know. But it is the step in the right direction. I need to be in control. I have to admit that I feel a sense of peace about my eating today. I'm not craving, or just wanting to eat because I've told myself I can't. I'm gonna make it.

Yesterday was so busy. It was my first in-service of the summer, which basically means that I will be back to work in no time at all. The floors have been waxed in my classroom, and everything is out of place. I worked on organizing some shelves yesterday, and I may go and work on my room a little today, too. I would like to get organized so I can start planning soon. I have the opportunity to really get a head-start on things so that the first few weeks of school will not be so stressful.

My teenagers went to camp on Tuesday, so I only have my two younger kids (ages 10 and 5). It is so quiet around the house... so peaceful! I have been trying to get off my butt and clean today. I also have to mow the lawn later... something that I haven't done at all this year. Hey... I have two teens that can do it for me! I was griping about it on Facebook, but someone reminded me that both cleaning and mowing are good exercise, so I'll take it!

I would love to go swimming, but I've temporarily lost my swim teacher. We are not exactly seeing eye-to-eye right now. That sucks.

Which also reminds me of something that I was thinking about while cleaning the toilet this morning... In the grand scheme of my life, my weight loss and health journey are just two of the MANY things that I have on my plate. My thoughts and emotions and priorities are all over the place. If I could just focus on what I eat every day, I would be able to go so far! But when I am constantly drowning in money issues, bills, car repairs, love life (or lack of), being a mom, worrying about MY mom, being a teacher, grocery shopping, etc, it's hard to make weight loss or even ME a main priority.

So maybe this route will work, since I am making GOD my main priority, and using my weight-loss journey as the way that I am showing my devotion to Him. I am finally seeing (again) that if I put God first in my life, everything else falls in place.