Thursday, July 14, 2011

All you care to eat...

Thought for the Day...Day 3: We were made for more! More than this failure . . . more than this cycle . . . more than being ruled by our taste buds, body image, rationalizations, and guilt. We were made for victory. Sometimes we just have to find our way to that truth.

Wow... I needed to hear that today. 

My bff and I took a short trip out of town on Monday and just got back yesterday. It was a girlfriends trip... just me and her. It was so nice to get away for just a few days... no kids, no responsibility. For that I am thankful.

But during that trip I ate so much that most nights I had to pop antacids just to sleep. We stayed at a casino that had a Paula Deen Buffet. Since it only $30 for 24 hours of eating, that's the only place we ate while we were there. #enoughsaid

Today I was back at work for an inservice, and opted for Subway instead of eating out at a restaurant. But I still have this full, bloated feeling that is so uncomfortable. Honestly, I am miserable.

I've literally had enough. 

So tomorrow, it's back on the wagon. No more excuses. No more vacations. No more binges. No more laziness.

I go back to work Monday for two weeks of inservice before school starts on August 1. I am definitely going to take advantage of the routine.

I might even go back to the gym...

I had to whisper that statement because I know I need to but the thought is just scary right now. I know it's gonna be brutal. But the gym is across the street from my school. It's almost too convenient to pass up.

Sooo... it's back on WW. I am cutting out sodas, since my body rejects them now and they are almost painful to drink. I am also cutting out all sugar except for fruit and oatmeal. Yes... that is also necessary. I may as well detox now before school starts.

I have also made up my mind that I will not be eating school lunch at all next year. I can't won't go into it on here, but there is not way that school lunches are going to be a problem next year, lol.

**sigh**... here I go again...