Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manic May

Sorry no blog post for a week, but as usual, life is crazy.

The end of the school year is here... only 5 more days with students and two inservice days to go! Tomorrow is field day, so I am trying to get things together for that.

On the weight loss front...

I am still trying hard. My goal right now is to do the best I can to stay low-carb, and I am literally taking it meal by meal. There are so many parties, celebrations, and potlucks it is so hard to just say no to EVERYTHING. To top it off, I am going out of town this weekend, and then my birthday is next week (and I plan on celebrating BIG this year). But so far, my weight has remained steady. I have gained about 1/2 lb, so not bad. Overall, I am still eating much less carbs than normal for me. And I feel so much more conscious about my food choices.

Yesterday, we had a potluck at school, where I gave myself permission to eat what I wanted, including dessert. Out of habit, I put about 3 different desserts on my plate... and only ended up eating one! Everything tastes so sweet now, it was just *enough*. And I didn't feel the need to keep stuffing the rest in my mouth. Being able to make that choice feels good. It feels very "real life"... I would love to be at goal weight one day and still be able to enjoy dessert every now and then.

I also received a blog award the other day from Chrissy... Thanks! I never follow blog award rules... sorry... but I am so appreciative!