Friday, April 22, 2011

No bueno...

Well, my cold-turkey attempt at going low-sugar was an epic fail. I went pretty strong for a few days, then bam! I fell so hard off the wagon that I felt like I busted my head.

About three days ago I made a decision. I am going to have to eliminate sugar from my diet. Permanently.

I am an addict. I have to treat this like any other addiction. I have to give it up...for life...if I am ever going to be healthy;

Most of you know that I have first-hand knowledge of drug addiction. My ex-husband was an addict... I have three siblings who are addicts. I have been around addicts my entire life. And one thing I know is that when they decide to quit, they have to completely let their body detox from that drug. They can't limit their intake, or do another type of drug to help them get over their drug of choice. They have to eliminate it. And so do I.

See, I try my best to limit processed sugar and candy and foods with added sugar. But only one time have I ever  went low carb/no sugar. Why did I ever go back????? I guess I thought I was "cured" because I didn't crave sugar anymore. So little by little, I let that poison creep back into my choices. Before I even realized it, I was hooked again and the weight started coming back on.

Hopefully I will know better this time.

So for the past several days I have been coming up with a solid plan of action. I will start the day after Easter, because there is no point setting myself up for failure. I am ridding my house of junk as we speak. By Sunday night I will be ready for Monday. I am getting prepared so I will be ready to tackle this endeavor. Mentally and physically.

And to be honest... I am so scared. This is going to be tough. But it is also going to be worth it. I know it is necessary. I am sick and tired of spinning my wheels. I need to see progress, but to do so I have to kick this addiction. It's time for rehab.