Saturday, March 12, 2011

You are NOT the biggest loser...

Wow... I can't believe I haven't posted in a week! Sorry about that... it's been a CRAZY BUSY week. But guess what? It's officially SPRING BREAK! I am off for TWO WEEKS! Well, I do have an inservice to go to on Monday, but I don't have students, and I don't have to get four kids out the door. I am so ready for a break.

Last week was so hectic. It was almost like every day was a countdown to the next, and all the days were a countdown to Friday. But I made it!

Yesterday was the final weigh-in. I lost I didn't win, but that's ok. I am still doing well, and ready to ramp it up! I worked out Monday thru Thursday last week, and am feeling so much stronger. I think that having two weeks home will be great, and that I will be able to re-focus on my food and calories. I fell of with journaling last week, which I need to get back to.

I will try to post back later. I am watching Jess's three youngest boys this weekend, so I need to go pick them up right now. Then I will try to hit the gym before dinner. I am going back to weight training today, which I am excited about.