Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Plan B

Today was good. I worked out at the gym today... 17 minutes on the elliptical until my co-worker got there. Then we did 30+ minutes on the stationary bike. I am TIRED. But working out 2 days in a row feels good.

I ate well today. Not sure of the calories since I didn't journal. :(

I got off on the wrong track this morning. I was running late and wasn't prepared. I threw some tuna salad that I'd made on Sunday in my lunch bag with some crackers. I ended up eating that for breakfast and skipped lunch. I NEED to get my butt in gear and prepare at night.

SO, with that said, I went to the grocery tonight. I got frozen meals (easy to grab and go). I remembered that I have some packets of oatmeal that would be easy to grab for breakfast. I have plenty of yogurt. And I got lettuce for salads and some grapes. I always lose weight when I eat at least one salad every day. My workout buddy reminded me of that today.

Looking back on my food last week, I did realize that I am not getting enough fresh fruits and veggies. I will try to get them in this week as much as possible. I also need to increase my water a little bit. AND I will commit to pack my lunch the night before.

Part of my struggle, too, is depression. I am feeling so low right now. I put on a brave face, but inside I am crying my eyes out. I have support... but not in person. I have blog friends, and Facebook friends. I have co-workers and church friends, but no one close. I have real-life friends, too, but I feel very detached from them lately... maybe because they don't live close? Their lives don't seem to match up with mine now-a-days. I am just sad and overwhelmed. I hate this feeling.

Tomorrow is a new day, and hopefully I have set myself up for a successful day tomorrow. I HAVE to succeed.