Thursday, November 18, 2010

No one likes chicken?

I posted a giveaway for Perdue chicken and hardly anyone has left a comment? SOMEONE has to like chicken and want to win, right?

Quick update...

I will have surgery on Tuesday on my abdomen. A CT scan on Monday found an abnormal mass in my lower abdominal region... right in the spot where the pain is. Hopefully removing the mass will solve my problem. The doc wasn't exactly sure what the mass is, but he thinks it could be endometrial cells that have implanted outside my uterus onto my ab muscles. Which would explain the extreme pain... especially with physical activity.

I am still loving my Isagenix products, but I have not been 100% this week. I feel like I am in stress/panic mode with everything going on surrounding the surgery and doctors visits. On top of everything, work has been extra stressful this week and my mother has been staying with me (and driving me insane). I am not overeating - just not drinking my shakes. But I am still drinking my Ionix Supreme every morning because I swear it is what is giving me the energy to keep going. I still FEEL so much better, so I know these products are working for me.

I have decided to do my family Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday since I am quite sure I won't feel up to cooking and having company two days after I have surgery. Sunday is also my baby's 5th birthday. My plan is to enjoy all of my favorite foods in moderation. One day off plan isn't going to kill me. I have been doing really well with portion control and stopping when I am full, so I am going to commit to NOT going overboard and stuffing myself. Monday is a new day, and since it is back to work, it will not be a "sitting around eating leftovers" kind of day.

If this surgery will take away my chronic pain, I will feel like a new person. This pain has got me down for SO LONG that I will not know how to act without it. I can exercise again! Without pain! I will have one less reason/excuse to not achieve my weight loss goals. And for that, I am truly thankful.