Monday, October 18, 2010

Need vs. Want

I hate that my updates have dropped to once per month... I always vowed not to be that blogger. I apologize.

A lot has happened in past month - as usual.

I now have custody of my nephew. And it's not temporary. Long story short, he is staying - for now. And I know everything will be okay. I love him, and want him to be happy. Everything is working out with him here. It just seems natural.

My mom's condition is about the same... maybe even a little better. Her neurologist added a med and it seems to be really helping her memory. There is still a lot of drama with two of my sisters, but oh well.

I am now a minivan driving momma. Four kids and a small, old car just wasn't working out. Getting that van may be an extra bill, but it has already decreased my stress level on school mornings! lol...

Big news... I have to have a hysterectomy. I have been dealing with abdominal pain for years. It keeps getting worse and worse, so I finally went to see a doctor. I know I have a ovarian cyst, but this doc fears endometriosis. I read up on it, and have ALL the symptoms. I have an ultrasound in a week that should confirm. With the pain getting drastically worse, the doctor thinks a hysterectomy is my best bet. Since taking 4 - 6 weeks off during the school year is not an option, I guess we will try to manage the pain until summer and do the surgery then.

My doctor also had the "weight" talk with me. She says that losing weight before this surgery is a MUST, and I agree. Weight loss is now a NEED. It can be the difference between a successful surgery and recovery or a lot of issues that I don't need or want. I now have FOUR kiddos that depend on me for EVERYTHING. I have to buckle down and start taking care of myself. Again.

For the past week or so I think I have been wrapping my mind around "trying" again. I haven't been trying... just basically eating what I want with no rules. No exercise (well, a little). We went on vacation last week to Myrtle Beach, SC and it was glorious. During the 9 - 10 hour drive there and back, I thought a LOT about the changes I have to make. I KNOW it is going to be a lot of hard work. But I also know I have to do it.

It's time to get selfish again. I need to make time for me. Get back into the gym. Pack my lunches. Control my portions. Drink my water.

Today was our first day back to school from Fall Break and I am so exhausted. But I made a goal for this week to get my water intake back to 100 oz. per day. Baby steps, right? I have done will with food today, too... but not perfect. A cabinet rehaul is in order, but I have to get through the groceries I have first. But as fast as these kids clear out a pantry, I'm thinking I should be able to make a Trader Joe's run by Saturday.

Also, we are definitely going back to the gym this week. My nephew has been begging to go, and now my daughter is on board. They are both 13 and apparently working out is popular with the kids at school. He wants to bulk up, and my daughter wants to get in shape to try out for cheerleading next year. I think their goals are awesome, especially since they both want to eat healthy, too. I think having two little partners in my house is going to help me tremendously this time around.

Until next time!