Sunday, August 22, 2010


This is the first weekend in a long time that I actually feel relaxed...

I claimed this "relaxation". I told myself and everyone around me that I needed this weekend to focus on ME. I knew ahead of time that getting back on track with eating was going to take my full attention... And yesterday was great!

I stayed on track with eating. Yes... I was tempted several times. But I made good choices, and did well with the sugar cravings.

Abt 5 bites of diced fruit w/coffee (at Orientation)
1 pc reduced fat string cheese
Egg/egg white omelet w/ reduced fat cheese
1 slice of whole wheat toast (low carb, 1 g. sugar)
sushi roll w/ brown rice, smoked salmon and veggies
1 slim fast (low carb, high protein)
LOTS of water

Yesterday, I only ate when I was hungry. I know that some recommend a lot of smaller meals throughout the day, but there are valid arguments from some for just eating when hungry. Because of my disordered eating, I really think my hunger cues are so messed up that I should try this method for right now.

Last night before bed, I was HUNGRY. It was such a weird feeling! To experience true hunger is a foreign concept to me. So I drank some water, drank a Slim Fast, and felt satisfied.

Yesterday was not a PERFECT day of eating, but I am please. I am off to a good start today, and plan on keeping this momentum going. I already feel SO much better.

I am going to work on lesson plans today so that I can feel organized and ready for the week ahead. I really LOVE being a teacher. Tomorrow begins my fourth week... It's an adventure every day and I feel like I'm getting into a good groove.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday going through 1000+ blogs on Google Reader. I couldn't comment on everything I wanted to, but I feel a little caught up on so many friends. Thanks for the inspiration! If you are a new reader, and your blog isn't in my blogroll, leave a link in the comments. I'd love to ready about you, too!