Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sometimes I wonder why I just don't get it...

I have found myself here more times that I want to admit.

Starting over.



I know I am out of control. Again.

I made up my mind that THIS IS THE DAY. No excuses.

I am starting with a sugar detox... I just know that sugar is the root of all my problems. I MUST get past this addiction if I am to succeed. Today, I found myself grabbing a pastry off the breakfast table at my MAE orientation... I took a bite before I even realized what I was doing.... then immediately ran over to the trashcan and spit it out. No excuses. I have to detox so I can regain some sort of control.

My "life" just won't let up.

New career as a teacher is very hectic. So is being a single mom and juggling three kids. But to top it off, my mom is at the point where I fear she is unable to take care of herself and my nephew. The crap has basically hit the fan in that situation... and on top of the new school year starting and getting in the swing of things there, while also being a student myself and trying to complete grad school... and well, everything else... I am so overwhelmed.

And I have started eating my way through the stress. Again.

So, here I am... again... asking for help and support. Blog writing/reading helps me stay focused so you'll see me around more often.

Here we go again!