Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Whew... made it!

Summer school (that I'm teaching) is o-v-e-r! Whew... I made it through alive! You could have never told me that four days a week, three hours a day, for one month, would be such a task! I am mentally DRAINED. I think the added stress of my own summer classes made it a lot worse. These are the two HARDEST classes I've ever taken... and both at the same time! I'm dying over here!

BUT... I see the light! At least now, I have a month off (minus a few teacher in-service days) before school starts back. I finally get to start working on my new classroom! Yay!

So, usually when bloggers disappear... like I have... it is because they are not doing so well on the weight-loss front.

Guess what?

I am doing better than I have in a while! I am binge-free. I am back in gym for over an hour every day and am "feeling" progress. Honestly, my muscles are so damned sore I am convinced my body hates me! But I am not quitting!

My no-sugar June was an epic FAIL. Sorry... I tried. And I have cut WAY back. And I am still shooting for this goal in July.

I feel like I am slowly getting back to putting ME at the top of my priority list. For a while, I was so overwhelmed that I could feel myself sinking into depression again. There was just SO MUCH that I felt like I was fighting a losing battle. Besides work, school, and parenting, so much emotional shit keeps coming up and I just can't deal. My ex is back in jail, and that is just devastating to my kids. They were just getting used to having him again.

But something, somehow, just "clicked" and I decided that I just needed to snap the hell out of it! I was not going to just lay down and let failure win! So that's when I hit the gym (and we all know what exercise can do for your mood).

I am done with the scale for a while. I just don't need the mind games right now. I am eating healthy food, I have cut down sugar drastically, and I am doing at least an hour of cardio/strength training 6 days a week. If I keep it up, I will lose weight and get healthy. I don't care what the damned scale says right now!

Ok.... Right now, I have almost 700 blogs waiting in my Google reader... but I am determined to catch up!

It's good to be back!