Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toy Story 3...

One of the BEST movies I've ever seen! I cried like an infant at the end! This is a must see!

Just got back from a night away with my two youngest kids. Big sister has been at camp for a week, so I decided we would have a night away near the campsite. It was awesome. Movie, then dinner, then swimming and relaxing.

My life has been so hectic, but I have been trying to stay focused.

I feel renewed and ready to move on with the summer. Summer school that I am teaching is over on Wednesday, and not a day too soon! With my own summer school classes being so demanding, I need the extra time to focus on ME again.

I am SO behind on blog reading. Google Reader says I have 500+ unread. I am determined to catch up, though! But just know I am here, and I'm not quitting!