Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fitness Assessment Results

Fitness Assessment
June 2, 2010

Weight: 303
Resting Heart Rate: 65
Blood Pressure: 118/72
Body Fat: 45.6% (This was described as “off the chart” for the computer program she was using. She had to take additional measurements with the calipers and calculate another way. EMBARRASING.)
3-Minute Step Test: 132 BPM (Up and down on a step for 3 minutes.)
Sit and Reach: 14 (This measures my flexibility.)
Bench Press Test: 30 Reps (Lifting 35 lbs. She said this was great.)
Chest – 46
R. Upper Arm – 18.5
Waist – 54
Hips – 57
R. Thigh – 34
R. Calf – 20

I have to admit, the numbers are depressing. The bright side? I now have a plan. The trainer was very encouraging and though it was great that I was taking control of my health. But I felt grossly out of shape and fat as hell.

I will return to the trainer for a re-assessment on August 1. My goal is to lose 20 lbs, and to also increase my strength and lower my active heart rate. I am so glad I did this assessment. Now I will be able to measure my success in other ways BESIDES THE SCALE.

I hopped on the elliptical for some cardio after the assessment, and had to stop after 23 minutes because my left foot was HURTING. The arch of my foot was rubbing my shoe the wrong way and it was painful. I tried to keep going but pain started shooting up my leg so I stopped. I figured with the step test and the bench pressing I did, that I got in my 30 minutes.

I really need to find some new shoes. I’ve bought three new pair so far and they all hurt my feet after I wear them for a while. They are comfortable when I buy them, but don’t pass the workout test. Ugh. Very frustrating.

Sugar-free June is still going well! Almost too easy so far… no cravings, no headaches. Maybe the fruit I’m eating is keeping this process painless. My eating has been clean and healthy. No sodas today, either! I am feeling great!

Did I mention I lost 3 lbs since yesterday? Yes, I know I am supposed to ditch the scale. But I wanted to weigh in for the fitness test today so I would have an accurate number.

The rest of the day was spent by the pool. Lovin’ this vacation!