Monday, May 17, 2010

What's your best part?

Lyn (Escape from Obesity) asked a great question on her blog today... what is your best part?

Without having to even think about it, I knew the answer... my neck/chest/shoulder region. When I crop pictures, this is always how I do it so I "look" my best. For whatever reason, when I get to about 280 lbs or so my double chin disappears and my collar bone emerges. I think it looks sexy! I am between 270 - 280 lbs on all these pictures above....

What about you? What is YOUR favorite feature? No matter what size you are, you should have SOME part of your body that you look at and say, "not so bad!". Lemme know what it is in the comments, and link your blog if you write about it!


While typing out this post, I got some incredibly wonderful news... I got the job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to scream/cry/vomit all at the same time!

I will write more later!