Monday, May 31, 2010


Something significant happened today. Well, I think it's been building for about a week now.

I went to a cookout for Memorial Day. I did not overeat. I had a hot dog (beef, no nitrates) and was about to eat a burger, but only ate about 1/3 before I put it down. I was full. Now, let me tell ya - my bff makes burgers that are out of this world. And I still put it down. I didn't have sides either. There was potato salad, macaroni salad, baked beans, etc. I didn't have any. I think the change in my mentality is significant.

I am do excited about the sugar detox that starts tomorrow. I have been just waiting for Memorial Day to pass by so I could eat what I wanted. Who knew that I wouldn't even want to eat like a mad woman? As a matter of fact, I have been eating well for at least four days. I feel good. I feel energized. I feel like I am in a good place.

And there is even stress still! My life is still crazy - but I am now making the CHOICE to take control. It really is a choice, you know. I can choose to be in control of my actions, or I can let the stress be an excuse.

HELLO... The stress will always creep up. It can not be an excuse to be bad to my body and to destroy my health.

My JUNE top TEN:

1. No refined sugar.
2. No packaged food with over 5 grams of sugar. (I got this idea from Yum Yucky.)
3. Fruit is allowed.
4. No alcohol.
5. No more than one 12-oz diet soda daily.
6. Limit artificial sweeteners.
7. No fast food.
8. 150 oz. of water per day (approx. 1/2 my body weight in oz.).
9. Back to the gym! I am shooting for 5 days/week of SOME TYPE OF EXERCISE.
10. Limit processed food.

This list is DO-ABLE! I will also be tracking and counting points/calories along the way to make sure I am within guidelines to lose weight. I will weigh in in the morning, and the scale is going on vacation until July 1. The last thing I need is for the scale to play with my mind during this time.

My #1 goal for June is to get back into good habits that will be good for my body. I know that sugar is toxic for me, and it leads to cravings and binges. It's a habit I've kicked before, so I know I can do this again. It's necessary. I have to do this for me.

I am so ready for change!