Sunday, May 30, 2010

Finally... time off!

Today is my offical first day of summer...

I got to sleep in (until 7 a.m., lol) and had my lawn mowed by noon! I am thinking about grilling for dinner tonight, so I wanted to get it done. It's been a while since I mowed the yard myself and it kicked my butt! In a little over an hour, I burned over 1000 calories! My body is so SORE right now!

Here is a pic from Friday night. I went to a birthday party for a friend, and one of my old friends from college came to surprise ME for my birthday! We had so much fun - it was so good to see her. She just moved back to this area, so we MUST keep in touch!

I am getting excited about the upcoming sugar detox. In the past, I would be binging on anything sweet because "I can't have it anymore." But over the past several days, I have found myself not even wanting sugar! I am CHOOSING to limit my sugar now, and I think it will help the detox. I am also drinking more water.

I also don't have any major food plans for Memorial Day. I will grill, but nothing more/less than I would do for a regular dinner. No dessert planned. And I feel good about it.

Tomorrow, I join the gym! It's time to get my butt in motion and use this time off to concentrate on ME.