Sunday, April 11, 2010

The BLOGS are talkin' to me... a GREAT way. Please check out my updated blogroll. I have been so INSPIRED and MOTIVATED by bloggers over the past several days. I had a list that I wanted to post on here, but it has got a little out of control - so I thought it would just be easier to direct ya'll to the blog roll. I want to thank the blog world right now!

I feel GREAT today. My weekend plans have all been thrown out the window, but I have had so much fun! I planned on cleaning and doing household chores this weekend, but that has NOT happened!

I spent the night with my bestie, Brooke on Friday night and we went out. First time I've been out in a while, and it felt good to get all dressed up and hang out with friends. I had a couple of 'ritas and felt no guilt about it at all!

Saturday = Soccerday. I was on the soccer field with my three kids from 10 a.m. - almost 3 p.m. But it was fun and I am now about 3 shades DARKER, lol. I tan so easily, even with sunscreen. When I got home, I had planned a trip to Trader Joe's, but I was SO exhausted I took a nap instead! When Brooke called and asked if I wanted to come and spend the night AGAIN, only this time at her mom's house (she is house-sitting), I was all for it! Brooke's mom's house is totally cool, and we love to house-sit! It's almost like going on vacations!

So that's where I'm at now. Brooke and I and the kiddos are going to play outside in a bit. I went on a great walk in the sunshine this morning for about 40 minutes. I am still going to go by Trader Joe's before I go back home this evening... I still plan on transforming my cabinets so I have healthy, clean food for next week!

I have been slowly letting go of my guilt for being a diet failure, and am ready to embrace a healthy lifestyle for me and mine. My choices have already been better... but more on that tomorrow!