Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tomorrow is a big day in our house... the day that we say NO MORE SCHOOL LUNCHES.

I can't consciously do it anymore. If HEALTH is going to be the new focus for me and our family, and if I am going to start making healthy changes... my kids need to be on board, too!

When I approached them yesterday about packing HEALTHY lunches instead of eating school lunch, my two youngest children were thrilled! My oldest was indifferent, probably because she tends to eat (and like) more junk than the other two. But she is also my child with a weight problem, so she really has no choice in the matter. This is what is best for her.

So this morning they all wanted to take their lunch, but I realized I didn't really have anything that was "lunch-box ready". This afternoon we went to the grocery, and I made it a family affair.

We went up and down the aisles, and I asked the kids to give me ideas of healthy food they would like to have. We bought:

baby carrots
natural peanut butter
string cheese

There was a few other things that I forget, plus some staples like whole wheat bread. I already had stuff like sliced turkey. And I figure I can start making more meat at dinner so we can all have leftovers some nights, too. (Any lunchbox suggestions are welcome!)

My kids were so excited to dig out their lunch boxes. The younger ones kept coming in to check on me while I was packing their lunches so they could see what they were getting. It really made me excited, too!

So, right now, in the 'fridge, there are four lunch bags packed and ready to go!

I realized while I was doing this that now that I have committed to preparing my kids lunches for school, I have NO EXCUSE not to fix mine, too! By helping my kids, I am also helping myself! And I can also start practicing what I preach to my oldest daughter, and hopefully help her get on track. She is only 12, and I will not give up on her. I don't think it's too late to start helping her make good decisions about food. Look at me... I am 33 and I have done a 180 degree turn-a-round in just the past year!

When I was on Weight Watchers, I LIVED OFF processed food. One year ago, I started to learn more about clean eating and have totally transformed. I no longer eat processed food. Ever. I had also given up sugar and caffeine... but I let that creep back in. But even during my "off periods", you can't find frozen dinners, FiberOne bars, and other "low calorie" stuff in my cupboards. I still stick to my "shop the perimeter of the store" rule. Sadly, the only time I buy stuff that is processed is for my kids to eat! I am so guilty of buying them chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas for quick meals. NO MORE!

And I am also vowing to stop the fast food. What good does it do to not bring sh*t into the house to eat if I am driving through McDonald's and buying pizza all the time? I can't very well brag about not buying junk for groceries when I am smuggling in the bad stuff in other ways.

One other thing... the binging has to STOP. My children know I am a binge-eater, and I have to stop allowing them to watch that happen. Would I allow my children to watch me smoke dope? NO. But when I come home with a dozen donuts and a bag full of chocolate - they know it's on! My little one calls it "treat time". That is the only time junk like that comes in the house. I don't want them to expect that pattern. Healthy eating... binge... healthy eating... binge... I want my kids to start expecting treats that have NOTHING to do with food.

I can feel some REAL CHANGES happening for us, and for me. It will take time, I know. But the time is NOW.