Sunday, March 28, 2010

When is the last time I really tried?

I am losing momentum on Medifast. My scale has been stuck all week:( I have lowered my sodium, upped my carbs to make sure I am getting between 80 - 85. I have also increased my water. So you can imagine how pissed I was when I got on the scale this morning and it said I had GAINED 6 lbs.

I imagine the gain has something to do with the 5K I walked yesterday. Or maybe even PMS? But it has been a LONG time since I've had such a large gain with PMS. And it just doesn't make sense to me that EXERCISING should throw me off plan. I don't know. I have spent the day evaluating.

I really like Medifast because of the convenience of having my meals pre-packaged and planned out for me. The food is not bad, and I am not hungry. But honestly, I know I will not stick with it long term. It is too restrictive, and lately, that part of it has really been getting to me.

I keep seeing these beautiful strawberries in my local grocery stores... oh, how I would love to have some! And yesterday, I felt so good walking, but I was so weak and starving the rest of the day. Honestly, I think I have avoided exercising since I started Medifast because I am so weak all the time. My energy is LOW. But what do you expect with 900 calories?

OH... another revelation from yesterday. I bought the Medifast book, and was reading it at soccer practice yesterday. Between 4 hours of practice, I read the whole thing. I was really shocked when I read that being on Medifast actually LOWERS your metabolism! It lowers your metabolism so you can survive on 900 calories more efficiently. That is why you gain weight so fast when you go off the plan unless you follow their maintenance plan. During maintenance, you slowly raise your metabolism until it's back to normal while you re-introduce regular food into your diet. I never knew a SLOW metabolism could lead to good things/weight loss.

I just know that being on such a restrictive plan SUCKS when you are not losing weight. I vow to stick with it right now, but I don't know how much longer I will go. Now who knows... the scale might just start moving again and I will be happy again! Who knows...

I was talking to my oldest daughter today about Medifast and how I was ready to throw in the towel. She asked me, "But mom, when is the last time you REALLY TRIED to just eat healthy and exercise?" I pointed out to her that right before I started Medifast, I really tried for a couple of weeks. But she countered, "Don't you think it might have took longer than that?" Out of the mouths of babes...

Maybe I need to take a serious look at what I am doing... again. I know healthy food and exercise works, but you DO have to be CONSISTENT. When is the last time I was REALLY consistent? Really, really honest about what I was eating? Really diligent about counting calories and weighing/measuring my food? Hmmm...