Monday, March 8, 2010

Moving right along...

The scale is finally moving in the right direction... 10.6 lbs gone in the 3 days I have been on Medifast. Today is day 4, so hopefully I am in Ketosis. Hopefully the water weight is gone, so from now on my losses will reflect fat burning!

I got a burst of energy last night, and I still feel great this morning. My goal for today is to get the house clean... SPRING clean! Tomorrow I want to go through my garage and shed so I can start taking an inventory of spring/summer clothes that my kids have and can still wear! We are leaving for Chattanooga on Wednesday for a mini vacation. It's only 2 hours away, but there are lots of family friendly things to do there (Tennessee Aquarium, Rock City, Lookout Mountain). It also has Tennessee's largest mall, lol. I am excited about the trip, but excited to see how it's going to go with being on the Medifast plan. My hotel room has a fridge and microwave, and I plan on taking my mini-blender and lots of portable food. My obstacle is going to be choosing restaurant food for my one meal that is NOT Medifast. Am I ready for a restaurant outing? We will see!

If I slip, I will NOT beat myself up about it. I will get right back on plan. I still think getting started right away was the best idea. Instead of losing 10.6 lbs of "whatever", I would have been doing more damage to my body. I would have still probably been binging, and I would have been diving even further over the 300 lb mark. Now I am almost out of the 290's again. I am going to be the happiest chic in TN when I am back down to 270 (where I was last summer)! Once I get back there, I will feel like I am REALLY making progress!

My oldest daughter will be back home tomorrow from her school trip. Thank goodness! I really miss her!

The sun is still shining, and I think it's gonna be warmer today. I was talking to a friend of mine that came by this morning, and we were standing on my porch in the sun. When I came in, my shoulders were actually warm (I had on a tank-top). What a great feeling! I am going to check into buying an umbrella stroller for my youngest today. She is 4, so I am torn about buying her a stroller. But it would make it possible to go walking with her. And it might come in handy on our little vacation, since we will no-doubt be walking a lot. If I buy one, I think I may go walking later. My son is 9 and he LOVES to go walking with me.

I hope everyone has a healthy Monday!